October 29, 2005

Home Alone?

I have foreseen my future. That's right, I have. I have just seen what life will be like when my husband retires and the rest of the kids move out. I figured it out today when my daughter Cassandra took my younger kids with her for the afternoon and evening. Scott and I were here together alone. It occurred to me that we could talk to one another in complete sentences and maybe read books or watch a movie together or something. But no, that is not the case. I am here by myself. After less than an hour of togetherness -- me talking to him and sharing some excepts from a book I'm reading, he had to go do something -- anything. He can't be still. At first he was just going to go outside and putter around, but he decided to go to his parents' house. I didn't really want to go. Granted, we usually get our drinking water there once a week and we needed more, but I thought he was coming right back. But of course he stayed, and then went to his sister's church with them and stayed in town to pick up the kids from the Halloween party. And so this is what I predict my life will be like. I will be home by myself while he's out doing -- whatever. He's usually gone most or all of the week working and yet he still has to be going places. Me -- I prefer to be home most of the time. I guess I will get plenty of time for quiet reflection. :P

Actually, I'm writing now because I'm nervous. I fell asleep and woke up after dark to my dogs barking and I swear I heard the front door open and close a couple of times and someone walking through. I thought Scott and the kids were home. I got up then and no one was here, but the dogs were all looking at the front door, barking, and scared. A lot of help they are.

Update: Scott and the kids got back, so if someone did come in, I'm no longer that worried. Maybe it was a drunk deer hunter that lost his bearings? Hopefully, I just dreamed it. Note to self: lock doors when home alone, especially if I'm going to fall alseep.

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Well...Go figure! I had not intended for you to spend the evening alone...or scared. I was hoping you and dad would get to enjoy some quiet TOGETHER. when I saw dad at the church I thought it was strange, however not surprising. Don't ever leave your doors unlocked mom...do you know how many times you have stressed that to me? anyhow...I have to get ready for school...I think I might actually go today.

Posted by: Sonna at October 31, 2005 11:15 AM
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