November 11, 2005

Daughters & Dudes

It's my daughter Cassandra's birthday today, so she and Charity have gone to a matineee and shopping together. I was invited, but I know it would not be a good idea to leave Christopher and Ian here that long together, especially since Ian has his friend Michael over. I can only imagine what could happen. :P

Left to right: Charity, Elder Berg, Morgan & Cassandra

While I wasn't blogging for most of the year, I missed writing about some really important stuff. I thought I'd slip in a wedding photo from my daughter's wedding last month. It's not the best photo, but I liked it a lot because not only are Cassandra and Morgan looking really happy, but my other daughter Charity and our favorite missionary Elder Berg are in it as well. Don't I have two very beautiful daughters?

We were all sad to have to say good-bye to Elder Berg on Tuesday, and we had all become pretty attached to him. He became friends with Cassandra and her (then fiance) Morgan while Morgan was taking the missionary discussions. Morgan was baptized in September, and when Cassandra and Morgan were married last month, he was the best man at their wedding and my daughter Charity was the maid of honor. Since the missionaries live in the same apartment complex, they spent a lot of time with Cassandra and Morgan. Anyway, Elder Berg a very talented singer/songwriter/composer/musician. Since Morgan plays the bass, they were getting together with my son Ian (who plays the guitar) on Elder Berg's day off to play some music together. Supposedly this was okay for the missionaries to do in their free time -- I hope so. ;) We're really going to miss him a lot, but he assures us that we have not seen the last of him.

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