December 10, 2004

The pavlovian puppy-eater

This is what I now call my vacuum cleaner since I started using it as a dog training tool. Scott and I had been getting up at around 4 am to let the dogs out just to shut them up. I honestly couldn't tell you if it was Padi or Obi or if they took turns doing the yipping, but we were sick of it. It would go on for hours until we got up to take them out. The solution was the vaccuum set up near their crates -- out of view, but very close. It was hooked up to an extension cord that ran into the bedroom and was plugged into the surge protector right on my nightstand. Whenever the yipping would start up, I would turn on the vacuum for a few seconds. Such smart dogs -- it only took one morning to learn. ;)

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December 09, 2004

I'm a Knit Wit now

I didn't mention that I've taken up knitting in the last few weeks. I had tried it before -- mostly garter stitch and loom knitting, but now I'm really trying to learn. I've actually made a couple of pairs of baby socks now, and a wool soaker (acrylic) for Jordan. I also bought a few great sweaters at my local thrift store. Most of them are wool, so I'm making them into wool soakers and longies for Jordan (cut and sewn). But one sweater was angora, so I unraveled it, and I'm making the softest scarf for my mom for Christmas. And I have some other knitting projects going too. ;)

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December 06, 2004

Dysfunction Junction

It's sad that I can't even talk about some of what is going on in my family. Part of that is why I haven't really wanted to blog for a couple of weeks. Okay, I wanted to blog, but obviously not bad enough to actually do it. I would never want to hurt my parents. Never mind, I will just say that their marriage isn't going so well right now. It's not a big shocker to me -- it's been that way most of the time I've known them. I think that was a good way of putting it in case they ever read this. (not likely)

And then Cassandra & Mark are going to be getting divorced soon -- probably.

Jason should be leaving to go on a 2 year mission in the next few months. I'm happy, but I know I will miss him terribly, so I'm dreading it.

Oh yeah, and my brother got scammed in an overseas transaction with his bike shop and lost about $8000 recently.

My father-in-law had quadruple bypass surgery last week. He's doing fine, and he should be going home tonight. It's very good that he went and had himself checked out as soon as he suspected a problem.

I think my main problem lately -- besides the stress and worry from different sources -- is the fact that I always get a little hyper during the holidays and try to do too much. I've been throwing myself into a lot of different craft projects obsessively. I think it probably helps me as long as I'm willing to let go at the end and accept it if I don't finish everything I want to do. I doesn't help that I ran out of my meds a few days ago. Thankfully, I got my prescription today. ;) Hopefully, everything will work out well -- we'll get all the gifts bought, wrapped and made, and Scott's Christmas bonus showing up soon (hopefully) should help ease some of my concerns (and prevent my husband's boss from getting kidnapped in his pajamas with a big bow stuck on his head).

Later. (hopefully no too much so)

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