January 28, 2005

I'm a family Sim

family sim
You're a family Sim. You enjoy spending time with
members of your family, and you want to have
plenty of children to ensure that you'll always
have someone to talk to.

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Not a surprise to me that I have mostly family aspirations. :)

And things are getting a little better for me. My dad is actually trying to make some important changes. My mom still won't talk to him or let him know where she is. She quit talking to me for about a week because I read her a letter my dad wrote to her. Thankfully, after that experience I got to quit being in the middle. :P Now my dad is talking to their Bishop who is trying to arrange some counseling for them. And the good thing about my mom leaving is that my dad and I have become closer. Not that I am glad it happened, but both of them were unhappy. To me it doesn't matter if they get back together or not as long as they can both be happier.

And now on to the Sims 2, ;) Which is definitely a major obsession still. My Population Explosion family, the Fertile Family, is ready to pop with baby "R". The lot the house is on has become "buggy", so there is no way to get the kids into private school. Thankfully, none of them has seemed to care much. The worst problem is that the game is now running very slowly at times, which is making this thing drag out. I know I could just quit, but I don't want to, LOL. I'll just be glad to finish this challenge because I have never seen so many redheaded Pisces kids in all my life! If I had known, I would have made ancestors for both of my characters to hopefully diversify their genetics a little. But I am delighted that I got 2 blond kids (+ 15 redheads!) and a set of twins.

Here is one of my favorite pics of the Fertile Family's twins Issac and Jacob. It was taken on the day they both got home from school with A+ report cards and passed out. School is tough! ;)

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January 17, 2005

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

I am making myself blog this morning. It doesn't really matter whether I decide to post it or not. Things have been increasingly complicated with my parents' relationship, and I am in the middle not so much by choice but by default. I haven't been able to contact my brother this weekend. :P He's the one who does best with talking to my dad. I have talked more to my dad in the last 2 days than I have in a year -- maybe a lifetime. And I don't enjoy it.

My mom had been planning to leave my dad for awhile now. And she finally did on Saturday. This came as a complete surprise to him and she won't talk to him or answer her cell phone when he calls or tell me or anyone else where she's staying. And he's thinks she's gone crazy (she hasn't). And to make it sound even more unbelieveable, my dad just got out of the hospital from a skull fracture from falling off a ladder last week. She had my uncle (his brother) go pick him up, and he came home to a house where all her stuff was gone and no note, etc. He did know that she had been thinking about divorcing him and he had been telling her to pack her bags and get out, but I guess in his mind she had it really good with him and wouldn't go through with it.

I hope my mom isn't sounding like a really mean person now for leaving when he was hurt, because she isn't. She's a saint. My dad isn't evil exactly -- just very controlling and verbally and emotionally abusive. And if you think I'm going to tell him that -- I'm not. ;) No, I have not reached that point in my life when I can tell him the truth about that. But reality is trying to hit him in the face, and he keeps ducking.

And so now I'm going to go back to my little world on Sims 2. I had started the Legacy Challenge, but I'm taking a break now to do a challenge that some folks on the BBS came up with called "Population Explosion". You create a Sim or a couple of Sims and see how many Sim days it takes for them to have 26 children, and you name them names from A-Z. I have baby "M" in the oven now. ;) It's really hair-tearing at times keeping up with all those little Sims. Since you can only have 8 in the house, part of the strategy is to move some of them out to have room for more. I think that playing is really good for me because it takes my mind off the things that are stressing me out and gives me a chance to control and micromanage "people". That way I can at least have the illusion that I have control over something. :>

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January 04, 2005

I still exist

...as far as I know. I just thought I should say something since it has been almost a month. The holidays were -- difficult. And then I did try to post recently. I was almost done with a really long post and then my browser decided it was done and shut down. I hate that. I just couldn't muster up any desire to post after that.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check on me. I thought of a lot of you through the holidays. I hope you have a great 2005.

I hope to post more often, but I got Sims 2 for Christmas. ;)

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