October 30, 2005


If it's true that you are what you eat, then I would be a Gummy Bear. I love chocolate, but Gummy Bears are seriously addictive. Open the bag, and that's it. Mine!

Gummy Bears

You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute.

What Kind of Candy Are You?

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Grandma's Little Stinker

Here's my little buddy:


I heard that he had a lot of fun tonight, but he's getting pretty tired in these pictures. I think the costume turned out really well if I do say so myself. I was worried that he wouldn't wear the hood. At first he tried to pull it off his head until we showed him what he looked like in the mirror. We told him he was a kitty (which is sorta true -- a very special kitty, LOL), and then he smiled and really liked the costume. What a dang cutie.

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Prince Charles' Legacy

I'm not all about news on here -- I only write stuff that interests me, and this headline caught my eye and kind of irked me. I can't get to the story on the Telegraph that I saw on Drudge, but I think it's timely that Prince Charles is meeting with George W. Bush about the merits of Islam in the wake of the attack and beheadings of the Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia. Islam is a religion of peace, but sometimes it's more than one piece -- like a piece here and a piece a few kilometers away -- like the girls' heads. I honestly understand that many Muslims are nothing like the barbarians that commit such horrible atrocities. But I don't think it's the peaceful Muslims that GWB and people like me have a problem with. It really has absolutely nothing to do with the religion, IMO. It's what the bad people are doing in the name of their religion. Actually, it really doesn't matter what their motives are -- I just want terrorists stopped.

So Prince Charles is trying to accomplish what now? I'm pretty sure he is trying to build a legacy for himself. He would probably be more sucessful if he had an ounce of charisma. I also saw that he's been saying something about global whining -- I mean warming. Sigh. It seems that in his attempt to make himself relevant, he should have maybe picked some other stuff to talk about on his visit. I'm pretty sure that mainstream America isn't going to be too impressed with either of these topics. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Nah.

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October 29, 2005

Home Alone?

I have foreseen my future. That's right, I have. I have just seen what life will be like when my husband retires and the rest of the kids move out. I figured it out today when my daughter Cassandra took my younger kids with her for the afternoon and evening. Scott and I were here together alone. It occurred to me that we could talk to one another in complete sentences and maybe read books or watch a movie together or something. But no, that is not the case. I am here by myself. After less than an hour of togetherness -- me talking to him and sharing some excepts from a book I'm reading, he had to go do something -- anything. He can't be still. At first he was just going to go outside and putter around, but he decided to go to his parents' house. I didn't really want to go. Granted, we usually get our drinking water there once a week and we needed more, but I thought he was coming right back. But of course he stayed, and then went to his sister's church with them and stayed in town to pick up the kids from the Halloween party. And so this is what I predict my life will be like. I will be home by myself while he's out doing -- whatever. He's usually gone most or all of the week working and yet he still has to be going places. Me -- I prefer to be home most of the time. I guess I will get plenty of time for quiet reflection. :P

Actually, I'm writing now because I'm nervous. I fell asleep and woke up after dark to my dogs barking and I swear I heard the front door open and close a couple of times and someone walking through. I thought Scott and the kids were home. I got up then and no one was here, but the dogs were all looking at the front door, barking, and scared. A lot of help they are.

Update: Scott and the kids got back, so if someone did come in, I'm no longer that worried. Maybe it was a drunk deer hunter that lost his bearings? Hopefully, I just dreamed it. Note to self: lock doors when home alone, especially if I'm going to fall alseep.

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October 28, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I thought I would play with typoGenerator again, and this is what I got after my second try. I'm exceeedingly pleased with the results. I had pre-dated this to stay at the top of the page, but changed my mind -- you know -- woman's prerogative. ;)


Halloween is not a holiday I really like anymore, but I loved it when I was a kid. The first Halloween I remember -- I must have been 3 years old -- probably 1970. I don't remember what I was wearing, but it had to have been great. Almost every year until I got too old, my mother would come up with a really great costume for me, and later for my brother. Since she was a procrastinator, I'm sure she must have always spent a very sleepless night before Halloween. I don't think I ever got a costume off the rack at TG&Y (back in the pre- Wal-Mart days). Anyone else remember TG&Y? My husband's dad used to say that TG&Y stood for Toys, Games & Yo-yos. ;) But anyway, I remember that when I first heard about trick-or-treating, the concept of people just handing out candy to me seemed almost too good to be true. If you haven't ever heard Jerry Seinfeld talk about Halloween -- you should. It is so true. As a kid I lived for candy, and the idea that people would just be giving it out was mind-boggling. :) I think my candy obsession was extremely intense because we didn't usually have any sweets in the house. My kids don't really have the same desperation for goodies -- they take them for granted.

Unfortunately, my mother -- being the really good humanitarian that she is -- decided to have me do something unselfish and made me trick-or-treat for UNICEF that year. Gag. That part was exceedingly embarrassing. I remember wishing I could just trick-or-treat for candy like the other kids. UNICEF is a hard word to remember when you're shy and can't even read yet (and when you're an adult and know about the UN -- you really want to forget it). I remember that even the "trick-or-treat" part of the conversation seemed like too much information. They knew why I was there. I just wanted them to hand over the candy so we could get a move on to the next house. I didn't want people wasting my candy-gathering time rummaging around for spare change for UNICEF.

In later Halloweens I would already be fueled up on concentrated sugar, and ready to visit as many houses as I could possibly get my mother to take us to. I remember there was always one more potential house to hit up before my mother decided it was "too late." And do you remember how your mother always told you that you weren't supposed to eat a lot of candy at once because it would make you sick? Well she was wrong. ;) I had all the good candy eaten within a 24-hour period and never got sick from it. Those were the days my friend. I'm sure some kids get did sick from too much candy (wimps), but I never even had a twinge of stomachache from chowing down on a bucketload of candy as a kid. I must have had a titanium stomach back then. But unfortunately my luck ran out. As an adult, I now have to consider the digestive consequences with everything I eat. :P And now you understand why the thrill of Halloween is gone for me.

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I'm Sew Crazy

My daughter just started a blog called Sonna today. That's what she used to call herself when she was little. She was very independent, so I would hear her say, "No, Sonna do it!" when I would try to help her with something or, "Sonna don't wanna." when I tried to get her to do something she didn't want to do. It was cute, because she always sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium. But I'm excited about her blog because I really think it will be enjoyable for her. I know how much it has helped me to write (when I remember and stick to it) -- it doesn't really matter what I write as that I do it. It's therapeutic.

I spent all night last night and most of my day today making a skunk costume for my grandson Jordan. I'll have to get a picture of him wearing it and put it on here soon. I thought I was all organized that I started on the costume "early". Today as I was sewing I realized that tomorrow is the "Trunk or Treat" party at our church, so I will not have it done early. It will be done just in the nick of time. Typical. I just hope that after all this trouble that he will actually wear it. The hood has been the most work, and my guess is it will be on his head for less than 5 seconds. :P

Oh yeah, last night I was sewing in the semi-darkness and I put my foot on a needle I had dropped, and it stuck in my toe. It really hurt and kept on hurting. It had gone through my toe -- the toe next to the little toe on my right foot. The broken-off part of the needle was still stuck in my toe right in the cuticle area and I had to pull it out. It wasn't easy, and it hurt even worse after I pulled it out. Fortunately, it isn't hurting so bad today.

Well, since my sewing area is in the bedroom and Scott is home tonight, it's time to read myself to sleep so I can get up and sew some more in the morning. Thankfully there's only a little left to do, and if I apply myself to it early I won't have to worry about it anymore. If only I would take that attitude more often. Maybe I'm going to grow up. Nah.

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How Scary I Am

Apparently, not enough. I guess may be why I've had so much trouble this year. :P

You Aren't Scary, You're Scared

Probably even scared to see how this quiz came out!

How Scary Are You?

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Making Fiends


Perfect Halloween link: Making Fiends -- not a typo, LOL. It's a fun little site of cartoons made by Amy Winfrey. The episodes are about two school girls -- Charlotte and Vendetta. Vendetta has everyone in the school cowering in fear -- except Charlotte. Charlotte makes Pollyanna look like a pessimist. It's hard to decide which of the girls is spookier.

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October 27, 2005

Get Your Blog's Worth

My blog is worth $60,970.32.
How much is your blog worth?

It think my blog is probably only worth $ .02, but I'm holding my breath to see this $60, 000+ any day now.

Thanks Otto!

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I Aint'nt Dead

But I wished I were on many occasions. Just a little Terry Pratchett quote from the character named Granny Weatherwax. It's the words on a sign she holds to let people know she isn't dead when she's "borrowing" -- long story. I have a long story too, but my mind hasn't been off traveling in the mind of an animal. That probably would have been more fun. I have just been in the middle of my parents' separation since January. It is getting easier, finally. I don't really know why I quit blogging -- fear perhaps. I think I was afraid that one or both of my parents would somehow find my blog and I would have somehow said something that hurt them or made them angry with me or angrier with each other.

So anyway, I have to finally get over this paranoia and live my life. I'm almost 40 years old, and I need to be a grown-up. Their problems, while unfortunate, should not be affecting me like this. I can't believe how much hell I have let myself go through this year. It didn't have to be this way, but it was. I CHOSE. I didn't have to isolate myself the way I did and sometimes still do. I can't get those months back now, but I can continue to learn from this experience I have allowed myself to be dragged through -- and grow. I hope I can steel my resolve to no longer be the person in the middle -- the messenger. I hate that role. I have to learn to be stronger. I'm making progress. FINALLY.

You know, it really bothered me all these months that I didn't blog, and I felt such guilt for not blogging. It was silly. I don't know why it was impossible for me. I mean, words are just pouring out of me now. But I really do tend to drop off the face of the earth when things get really tough. It's so hard to face people when I feel that way. I just feel embarrassed that I quit -- whatever I happened to quit at the time --, and then it's so awkward for me to go back. But again, I'm going to remind myself that my blogging -- it's for ME. I do it because it's healthy for me to write. I don't have to be particularly smart or interesting, because no one is forced to read this crap. ;)

So, Hello Again! :) I'm going to try to be well now.

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