October 13, 2006



Lookie! Look what I found this morning!!! These eggs are very expensive. ;) I've had some chicks since Easter -- compliments of my city-dwelling nieces who got them at a party. How silly is it to give kids chicks at Easter? Not everyone has a farm. Anyway, I was beginning to think that I would NEVER get any eggs.

Chickens ended up being a much bigger project than we planned, as my non-farming husband and I spent $200 building a chicken coop. My husband does nothing halfway, LOL. We had them in the bathtub for a few weeks, and they were beginning to fly out of their box. Then I had to get more chicks, because after all that, 4 chickens just wasn't enough. We now have 5 roosters, 5 hens and 1 undecided. I do think the last one will decide to be a rooster, but I'm not certain yet. We have 4 superfluous roosters out of the chicken house now (the one inside the coop is named Lucky). They roost up on top of the chicken house at night and in the daytime they are fun to watch and listen to. They actually run toward the car when we come home. The big red rooster, Big Red, is by far the funniest and most enthusiastic runner. The white one is named Spooner, since he's a big fan of the cereal (Malt-O-Meal's version of mini-wheats), and will peck anything that comes between him and his namesakes. I'm glad we kept all the roosters, as they provide daily entertainment. We were thinking about making them into chicken & dumplings, but I had heard they would forage and pretty well fend for themselves. So far so good. It's been over a month, and the roosters have had no threat from our cats and dogs. They stick pretty close to the house. I also like that they eat bugs such as ticks.


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October 07, 2006


It's been a long, long time since I posted anything. I consider giving up blogging altogether sometimes, but then I miss it and come back. I've been struggling with my depression again for most of 2006, but things are beginning to improve again.

It helps that I sent my two youngest kids (12 & 14) to school this fall instead of homeschooling. It was what they had been wanting. Although I don't consider it ideal, I realized that neither was homeschooling them when my heart just wasn't in it. We had all become complacent -- except my 16 yo daughter who is very self-motivated. Anyway, my boys seem to have adjusted well to the change and seem to be doing well.

I have been getting back into knitting and crochet lately. Part of my motivation is that my oldest daughter is about to have a baby girl in January. I'm really excited, so I'm trying to make a few things before her baby shower at the end of the month to go with the baby bouncer we're going to get her. I'm currently working on a crocheted baby dress, and I have plans for making an afgan with sheep on it -- you'll just have to see it. The pattern was in a book that was given to me -- one of those really old and tacky books with very outdated stuff made of hideous yarn in colors outside the natural spectrum in it. I almost put the book in my donation pile until I saw the cutest baby afgan pattern. I plan to put up some pictures as these things materialize. We'll see.

Anyhow, and now on to another topic. It's my blog, so I can do it my way. I was kind of embarrassed that I can't be consistent at what kind of blog this is. I kind of went off into politics for awhile during the 2004 election. I'm still a conservative and still interested in politics, but I really don't enjoy blogging about it that much. The main reason is that it's such a hot topic, and I don't really get my thrills by arguing with people. Some people enjoy it, and those people are better at it than I am. I still may throw in the occasional political post just for fun. I don't plan on doing a strictly "knitting blog" either. I guess I will just post about anything that interests me at the moment. Again, we'll see.

Until then...

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